Evolution Of AH-Avatars

AH - Avatars was first dreamt up when I was browsing the "Request An Achievement Hunter avatar" forum on RoosterTeeth. When I saw this I thought to myself "What if there was a place on the internet where every avatar made could be found" With this I set about designing the layout of the website and creating some of my own avatars to include. I started to write about this idea using the Journal feature on RoosterTeeth. I used these Journals to update users on how the design process was going and what I had done to the website that day.

At the start of the websites creation, there were not many avatars here. But as time went on, more and more avatars where added to the collection. To this day avatars are still being added to the ever growing collection. During the time of which the avatars where being added to the website. Hours and hours where spent changing them into appropriate formats and uploading them to the directories. But we soldiered on to give you nothing but the best quality avatars available.

there are still some plans to add features to this site. I cannot say what they are now but they will be developed and added in due time.

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