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What is AH - Avatars?
AH - Avatars is a website that has all of the custom and user made avatars from both the RoosterTeeth and the Achievement Hunter communities. Each avatars has been lovingly restored to make them as best a quality as they can be. Feel free to browse through the ever growing collection and take some for yourself.

Hey, I've made an avatar. Can I add it to the collection?
We appreciate any submissions of new avatars to the collection. If you wish to submit an avatar you can use the "Submit An Avatar" menu option. This will take you to a form that you can fill out. Here you can attach the avatar that you wish to add it to the collection. It may take time for the avatar to be verified but don't dispare, if it is not against the  rules, it will be added.

What are these rules you speak of?
The rules of avatar creation and submission are as follows. 
   1. The avatar that you wish to submit must not be obsene or offensive
   2. The avatar that you wish to submit must not be a replica or a copy of another avatar that already features on the website.
   3. The avatar that you wich to submit must have something changed on it. This ensures that you are not trying to upload the original Achievement Hunter logo.
   4. The avatar that you wish to submit must be the same size and aspect as the original Achievement Hunter logo. The best way to make sure of this is to open up the original and change it from there. Once completed click "Save As" to save the avatar that you have just made whilst also keeping the orignal if you so wish to make more.
   5. This rule is not essential but is helpful to the staff members. When saving an avatar, please make sure that you are saving it in the .PNG format.
Please Remember!
If you have made an avatar using the template, please ensure that you create two versions, one with the Watermark visible and one without. Please also remeber that the preferred size of the avatars are 640 pixels X 640 Pixels.
Can I request an avatar to be made?
If you want to have your own avatar but feel that you cannot make one yourself. You can go to "Request An Avatar" option within the menu. There you will be able to give details of any thing you want on the avatar. It is helpful, if you have an image that you want to be used on your avatar, that you provide a link to the image you wish to be used.

I notice there is a section named "Premium" How do I access those? A payment, right?
Wrong. There is not payment needed to gain access to the Premium avatars. If you wish to see them, simply become a member of the site. This will make you eligible to view the elusive Premium avatars.

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