2013 Update

We have discovered a bunch of forgotten avatars lying around our Hard Drives. Most of  these avatars are old ones that, for whatever reason where never posted into the collection. But, this is going to change come the New Year. We're a currently in the process  of refreshing these avatars to be fit for posting. Along with  these old avatars being added, we will also be adding new avatars as well. The way this is going to be done is; for every two avatars that we create, we will make one more to be added in the 2013 Update.

What's going to happen come the New Year?

The first week of 2013 will be the scheduled time for these avatars to be added. There will be some downtime during this week because of the shear amount of content that has to be added. This has to be done because we will need time to add both the Watermarked versions, Un-Watermarked versions and then add the links to the Un-Watermarked versions on the Watermarked versions.

How long will this Downtime be?

We expect the downtime to be around an hour a day, meaning that each day of the first week in 2013, around 10-20 avatars will be added to the collection. There may, however, be more than an hour a day depending on any complications during this process. We're not expecting this but we cannot be certain that this will not happen.

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