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A Message to Premium Members
Dear Premium Members,

We are starting to upload avatars for standard users with watermarks on, meaning that every avatar that is available to guest will have the words AH-Avatars in the bottom right corner. As Rooikat and I do when we add avatars.

What this means to you is that because your are a Premium member, you will get avatars without the watermark. We felt this only right becuase you have taken the time to sign-up so it's only right that we give you some more priveliges. Available to users only In the future we plan to add more Premium-Only features but for now this is it, that's still good right?

Becuase the collection of avatars is growing so large, we have decided to register another domain! Don't worry, this won't mean that we're are going to be moving to a new address. It just means that we will have extra storage for avatars that also doubles up as a safety incase for any reason, the current domain breaks. Which I'm fairly certain it won't.

That's it for now and we hope you happy with the new changes to the website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment on this entry, send me a PM or use the contact deatils below.

PS: We've also added a Forum that can be found here!

AH-Avatars <3 You.
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